Bless You, Parents of Twins

I had trouble starting this post off, because I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks.  It kind of feels like when you had plans to hang out with someone, but neither of you called and then you see each other randomly at the store (you’re there to buy pizza rolls and wine) and you’re both like…uh…heyyyyyy.

It feels like that.

I’ve been a little down in the dumps, to be honest, and so I haven’t really felt like taking photos of food, much less cooking.  I don’t know about y’all, but this election has got me like, whoa.  I’m so excited for this nasty, depressing, embarrassing election to be over that I actually made a countdown calendar on my phone!  Seriously, I’m just sick to death of the negativity; I swear that last debate was what incited a spiral down into the depths of a brachs “all pumpkin” candy corn bag, from which I have yet to emerge.

Anywho.  This last week I was out of town with work in northwest Arkansas, which was whatever, but it put me within shouting distance of my favorite place in the world- Kansas City!  So the dogs and I trolled up there and made the rounds, stopping to see our favorite person, Kate, during our favorite season, fall!  I nommed on my signature breakfast burrito from City Market Coffee, and we sipped vodka drinks and marveled at the skyline from the rooftop of the UP-Down.

On Saturday, I dragged my weary, disheveled self up to Kearney to spend some time with my college friend, Nickie, and her twin toddlers Lily & Belle.  Let me tell you something about Lily and Belle.  They tolerate me, at best.  What they don’t remember, is me bringing their mother panera mac ‘n’ cheese while they were taking their sweet time trying to come into the world early, and whatnot.  And how do they reward me?  By giving me mad side-eye for the entire photo session I’m trying to do with their family.

Neither of them would let me hold them or offer more than one smile during a very cloudy, windy, hectic photoshoot in the field by their house.  Lucky for these kids, they’re cute even when they’re not smiling, so we still go some good ones.


That’s Belle.  We used to be best friends, but now she distrusts me GREATLY.  I blame her mother for not surrounding her with abnormally tall blonde people at every possible opportunity.


Annnnnd, let’s not forget about Lily!  This kid is going to be a brain surgeon, or a senator.  I’m telling you- she just seizes the day.  And those piggytails are just KILLIN ME!


Shock and dismay. LOL.


They’re just so darn cute though.  Even if they refused to drop that little remote, and even if they kept toppling over in the freshly mowed grass.


Maybe some days you don’t get all the smiles, but that’s okay.


We’ll take what we can get.

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One thought on “Bless You, Parents of Twins

  1. This was as good as cupcakes or dinners. Nothing like little blonde girls to lift your spirits, next time your see them they will love you to death. The photos are great, you have a real photographers eye. Looking forward to seeing you on Turkey Day. Miss you all so much. Take care, Girl. Love you


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