Hi There! I’m Cara!

I’m a lawyer living in Little Rock, Arkansas with my husband (“Mr. Fitz”) and our two dog children Frankie & Zoey.

A very small part of my story is that Mr. Fitz’s job as a pilot keeps us mobile in a way that is frustrating to someone whose chosen profession requires her to obtain a different license for each state.  I’m sometimes bitter about this (but usually not at 4:00p.m., when I get to leave my job several hours before my lawyer pals).  I left a job and practice I really loved and thought defined me (but really stressed me out) to live at a bit of a slower pace in the Dirty South.


The larger story is that altering my career path (for now) has allowed me to pursue passions in cooking and photography that I did not have time for when I was working at a law firm, chasing the billable hour and answering emails at 4 a.m.  It’s been a blessing in some respects, (my blood pressure is literally 25 points lower) and I hope you remind me of that when I complain.

If I’m completely honest, I don’t cook for myself, I cook to please others.  I get this from my mother.  Despite working full time, supporting my father’s small business and raising three unruly children, my mom always had time to cook a hearty dinner.  Her love language is food, and because she passed that trait onto me, the dishes that I prepare for others are where I place the encouragement, support and love for my friends and family that I sometimes can’t find the words for.

So, the food you’ll find here is meant for sharing, and hopefully it looks as good as it tastes!  I try to buy organic when I can, cook with real food, and take it easy on the red meat.  But you know what?  Being perfect is hard.  And my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe calls for Crisco.

So, welcome to The Island, a little place of my own to jot down thoughts and exercise creativity.  It’s a little chaotic here–sometimes overly emotional and sometimes irrational–but there’s always, always room for a friend.